Jul 30, 2012

What I baked

Actually, this was a no bake. I tried making the Glazed Strawberry Pie. Let's just say that it did not turn out as planned. That is usually how many of my first time making items go.

First, I went and bought graham crackers and made my own crust. I used my baby food processor to into crumbs and put it in a pie pan (just melt butter to get it to stick to the pan). I then baked it for 6 minutes at 425 to make sure it set.
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I then used some of the strawberries I had. I decided to do something different and make the puree with blueberries and strawberries.
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I diced up the rest of the strawberries and added the blueberries in a bowl.
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I had to cook the puree for about 5 minutes to have it thicken it up before I poured it over the berries. I end up making too much puree and now my pie looks like this:
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It has been in the refrigerator for about 12 hours. I looks like more of a jello pie than a glazed strawberry pie. I'm going to try to see how it taste but the puree was good so hopefully it turned out ok. Tomorrow I'll post my tuna pot-pie I made this weekend and what I make tonight. I clearly have to find some hobbies so I'll stop baking and cooking.


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