Sep 26, 2012

Autumn Thoughts

     Happy Hump Day, peeps!!! Yes, I have been MIA (not like anyone noticed) but hopefully things will be looking up soon i.e. me finding a job the actually uses my Journalism and Merchandising degree. Besides trying to find a job nothing much is happening. I am super excited that it is fall!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that fall is my favorite time of year. I have super horrible allergies (pollen in particular) and being in Alabama the heat is just the worse. Fall is great down here though  because it is around the perfect temperature in the low to mid seventies and the trees are gorgeous.

The best part about the season though is the food: pies, stews, and soups on my. I have a small rather large obsession with soups and pies. If I could eat both everyday I would. Here a few of the fall items I found on some other sites that if I wasn't unemployed (sad face)I would buy:

                                                       Pumpkin Bakers
I love using ramekins to make individual servings of food items. These Pumpkin Bakers from World Market would be great for a dinner party or even for desserts during Fall if you are one of those people that love a good theme for parties (I do. I guess its that sorority girl in me still). They could also be good for decoration or if you bought enough they could be used to display different types of candy in for Halloween parties.
                         Acorn Measuring Spoons                                Nesting Acorn Measuring Cups
These Acorn Nesting Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups are cute. They make me think of not only Fall but where I went to school in Northwest Alabama the campus was swamped with squirrels. I really do not care for squirrels considering I was a kinda attacked by some my Freshman year of college (a story for another time) but these are good if you are one of those people who like to change your kitchen items and home decor based on the season.
                                                       Nonstick Owl Cakelet Pan
The Owl Cakelet Pan at World Market is fun. I know that owls have become the cool thing all of sudden so you can be the coolest hostess if you made individual owl cakes for dessert. It is not only seasonal but it can be a conversation piece.

Here are some more of the fall things I like from Pier1 and World Market.
Apple Spoon Rest                 Spice Route Condiment - Set of 7                    Harvest Leaf Plates
                                   Multicolored Fondue Set                     Beaded Spreaders Set - Red   
                                                               World Market
       World Market® Harvest Pasta    Acorn and Leaves Harvest Wreath    Autumn Mini Cutters
                        Owl Measuring Cups, Set of 3   In the Mix Pumpkin Spice Cookie Mix
      Wood Bark Bowl   Beaded Berry Napkin Ring, Set of 4   Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Bark Tin
                         Market Classics® Creamy Pumpkin Soup       Caramel Apple Cake Pop Kit
       Oregon Sweet Potato Butter   Copper Embossed Leaf Chargers, Set of 4    Harvest Scatter Guest Napkins, Set of 16
Everyone have a great Wednesday and enjoy some pie, soup, or both for me.

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