Jan 30, 2013

Wine-down Wednesday

Happy Hump Days Peeps!!! With it being Wednesday and all I thought I would talk about one of my favorite things: wine. I'm going to just let you know about some of the wine I use to buy at World Market (the city I leave in now does not have one and the nearest one if Birmingham). I tend to drink Mosacto, sweet ones, and a red or two on occasion. Here are some of the wines that are my favorite:

redtree moscato
Redtree Mosacto

Schmitt Söhne Riesling

Opera Prima Tempranillo (2008), a La Mancha Tempranillo by J. Garcia Carrion La Mancha
Opera Prima Tempranillo

Rex Goliath Wines
Rex Goliath Wine (tried all but the Moscato, which is new)

And this wine from Easley Winery is some of my absolute favorite. My roommate from college (who you hear a lot about) is from Indianapolis and she would bring my 2-3 bottle each time that she would comeback to Florence from holidays and vacations. The one I usually drink which is the Reggae Red is a bit sweet but they have wine for each type of wine-drinker.

reggae wines
The three types in the Reggae line:White, Blush, and Red
During the Spring and Summer (at least I know they did a couple of years ago) they had a Blackberry and Raspberry dessert wine that was pretty good. It went really well with molten chocolate cake or any form of chocolate for that matter.

Anywho, that is all for now. Everyone enjoy the last Wednesday of January (hopefully I won't get blown away by the weather here) and until next time, Later....

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