Mar 24, 2013

Snack time

So, I am "working out" meaning I am going to the gym 3 times a week right now (going to start going at least 5 times a week for real, PROMISE!!!) which I guess is good but the point of this post is about some of the foods that I have been snacking on.

Since I am now working full-time now I have to make my snacks and lunches in advance (trying to save money not eating out and not buy stupid i.e. non-essential items) I have been finding some new snack. Here are some of things that have become my snack staples:

Brookside Chocolate:
Dark Chocolate A├žai
If you have never tried these you should. The Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry is amazing. Like super good. The Dark Chocolate Pomegranate they are still tasty but I know that everyone likes the taste of Pomegranate which leads me to the second the second snack...

POM Wonderful


POM Blueberry

 I usually drink the 8oz ones throughout the day. They have a number of other flavors: Cherry, Cranberry, Mango, and my personal Favorite Blueberry (which I use as a mixer sometimes).

Popped rice snacks
Quaker Popped - Caramel Corn
Quaker Popped - Chocolate

 They still make these in regular rice cake form I think but I started eating these again even though they do not make my favorite kind anymore (they use to have a chocolate chip one with the chips in them) I still like the chocolate with peanut butter on them on occasion.

Buddy Fruits

I saw these at the store and thought I would try them. The orange bites are yummy and for someone who is not suppose to eat while working (this girl right here) these are easy to store. They have different flavors and products. I know these are for the little kiddies but I like them so that all that's matter.

Totally going to try to blog more than I am (I know I kinda suck at the moment). Until next time, Laters.....

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