Apr 22, 2013

What I've been up to: Part 1

Hello again the few people who actually read my blog (or I would hope someone is reading it). I have been working a lot, which I can't complain about though because I did get a free facial which was considered "training". Anywho, I have been shopping a great deal lately since I finally am not on the super poor train anymore. Here are a few of the things I have bought recently.

               Lucky Charm Necklace

           Georgette High-Low Skirt
I bought this skirt in the black and the coral. Never thought I would buy any but I love both of these and I wear them with boot, heels and my wedges.

                       Anchor Studs

                  Kylie Wedge Pump
I have literally been wearing these everyday since I bought these.
 Womens DexterWomen's Kylie Wedge Pump
                Fila Running Shoes
So, I have a big foot (size 11) and I fit great. I really just needed a pair to wear to the gym so these totally fit the criteria.
          FILA Soar 2 Wide Running Shoes - Women
I mainly have been trying to find work clothes and shoes since my outfits have to be 80% black and I can only stand in 4 inch heels for so long. I am for real going to try to blog on a semi-regular basis. PROMISE!!!! Until we meet again. Laters.......

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