May 16, 2015


Hello all,

It has been a few months (about three and half to be exact). Between the week of jury duty that I had to do, the whole month of February that I was out of school for about three days each week, work, and all my school projects I had, I have been a definite blog slacker.

I know that I have said that I was going to revamp the blog and this time I an 100% for real. I have actually taken the first step in doing this by changing the name of the blog. And today I did the second step by changing my URL. It is now my name So, throughout the rest of May there are going to be little changing here and with it being completely done in June. The month of June is fitting considering my birthday is at the beginning of the month (yay to 33).

Here's to new beginnings (really this time) and I hope everyone is enjoying spring unlike me who can't breathe between the Alabama humidity/pollen happening. Anyway, until next time: Have fun in the sun and enjoying life all.


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