May 21, 2015

Victoria's Secret sales

While I am "remodeling" I wanted to tell all of you about the great sales that Victoria's Secret has going on right now. They have their sport bras, which I love for $35. Here are two of my favorites:
Knockout by Victoria’s Secret Front-Close Sport Bra
The Knockout is a great bra for a girl who needs extra support when exercising. I wear this when I am running or doing weights.

 Angel by Victoria's Secret Sport Bra
The Angel is for those who need support but not a great amount. This is great for a jog or lower impact exercise.

They also are having their annual swimsuit sale and one of their clearance sales.

Oh, and all their panties including pink are 7 for $27.

If you haven't already checked out the sale I would suggest doing it when you get a chance. I know especially with the sports

 bras they are a great buy if you workout a great deal like I do. And everyone lives a Victoria's Secret sale.

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