Aug 10, 2015

Bet on Yourself

Decided to start the week off with a little something different.
Last week ended up being one of the worst that I have had in a while. Long story short: A LOT of things that I needed to happen didn't go my way. After the last thing happened on Friday afternoon, I started thinking about how I always bet and believe in other people to succeeded but I never really have put that same thought and focus into betting on myself.
I need to keep reminding myself this as I continuously argue with my mom about what I want from my life rather than what she wants for me

One of my friend's said something to me the other day about goals and how to reach them that has stuck with me since she said it. Her friend (who has a life coach) said to her that there is a difference between some people who are successful and those who aren't.

The difference is that those who succeed make long-term goal while along the way achieving short-term ones. Meaning that they make one big goal to achieve and try to work towards that. For example, it maybe where you want to be in 10 years professionally or a financial goal of having a certain amount of money saved.

I know for me, I tend to make short-term goals. After I achieve that, I tend to never make the long- term ones. I always make year goals but never plan past that. Since then, (which has only been 2 and a half days) I have made a long-term goal where I want to be and accomplish in 5 years and the short- term goals that I want to achieve along the way to make it happen.
 Some are blogging related and some are more personal/professional.

I will share some of those goals eventually. One of those on my short-term list I have done though. The first goal was to figure out what I wanted to truly do with my life. I sat yesterday pondering,  thinking about all the things that I am interested in and it came to me what I should do.

I know this is super long but sometimes I write like I talk: A LOT!!!
This quote below I think describes where I am now in my life and I am excited to see where finally betting on myself leads in the future.
 Follow your dreams
Have a great Monday!!!

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