Oct 4, 2016

Fitness Tuesday: October Health Challenges

 One of the things that I am trying to do to get some balance back into my life is monthly challenges.
With the new season here (YAY FALL!!!) some companies are doing challenges to get people healthy mentally and physically for October. Here are a few challenges that are happening this month:

Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge
If anyone thinks these two look familiar, its' because they had a show on Bravo (before it became overran with the Real housewives franchise) a few years ago named after their company. Its' free to join the challenge but you will have to pay if you want their meal plan for the month. Lucky for me, I have enough light cooking cookbooks (that I bought at a discount, I might add) and weight loss recipes to last me the 31 days.
They also give you certain exercises to do called 5 daily moves along with some of their past videos to workout to. So far, I actually feel better than I did this time last week which is always a great plus.


30-Day Yoga Challenge
The Chopra Center always has great information whether it's pertaining to mental or physical fitness. This month, they are doing a daily yoga challenge. Their yoga challenge is different in that it focuses on the mental and physical aspects of yoga. One day you are doing the physical part of yoga and the next you are working on your breathing or appreciating silence.
I choose this one over some of the other ones I saw due to it being more well-rounded. It is trying to show how the practice of yoga is not just about the moves but much more.

Mala Collective 30 day Mediation Challenge
Earlier this year, Mala Collective held a week long mediation challenge that I did. I did get some clarity on some things that were going on/ happening/that I was let happening to me in my life. I have been mediating now for almost 6 months now and it has done WONDERS for me.

I am going to try to get back into post recipes on the regular again (and there are some good ones) as well as some other health related items.

I hope everyone challenges themselves this month and has a wonderful Tuesday!!!
Peace and Blessings all...

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