Dec 27, 2017

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo with Maple Holistics

I received this product from Maple Holistics for review. This opinion is and mine alone.

Sometimes, you need a break and the last few days were definitely needed. I was a little sick for a day or so (no surprised there). Excited about the new year and getting back on track. One thing that I  I have been doing this year is trying different products to change up my regular routine. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Haley at  Maple Holistics about reviewing a product of theirs. All of the products that the company has are made in the USA and are all natural.  There are a range of products that they make from skin care to bubble bath. 

I ended up receiving the Tea Tree Shampoo to tryout. 
I have used the shampoo a few times since I received it at the end of November. The verdict is that its a good product. One of the major pluses for me is that it has kept my hair from being so brittle. A lot of shampoo tend to dry out my hair for some reason. This one does not do that at all.

 It helps with the dryness of the scalp.  My scalp has not flaked or been as dry as it was before using this product. People use to mention that to me sometimes. No one has said anything about since using the shampoo. I am going to tryout  the conditioner sometime soon. One crazy thing that I have noticed too since I started using this is that my hair is been growing softer. If you ever want to try some of the shampoo out, here is where you can chose a free sample of one of there products

Peace and Blessings, all. I would love to know if any of you try some of their products. Have a great Thursday!!!

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