Oct 8, 2019

Fitness Tuesday: Advantages of going meatless

Tuesday is here meaning that it's Fitness Tuesday. Today, I'm going to piggy back off of what I posted yesterday about going meatless. People have their reasons for being vegetarians or vegans. Some do it for religious or health reason while others do it because of the way it makes them feel or it's the "in thing" at the moment. Regardless the reason, there are good benefits for cutting back on meat.

Here are a few benefits of cutting back on meat even if for one day a week:

-Aid in normal bowel function

-Add variety in nutrients to ones diet

-Lowers risk of high blood pressure & diabetes

-Adds different textures & color to meal

-Saves money

-Reduces risk of heart disease & stroke

These are a few articles that I found helpful in researching about the meatless/vegetarian topic:

Building a Healthy Vegetarian Meal Myths and Facts

And if you are wanting to still eat meat & fish this article from healthline is a good place to see which ones are the best to eat. Also, if you are more of a podcast person Dr. Michael Greger, the author of the Not How Die books & cookbook has a podcast called Nutritional Facts that is super informative. Maybe on Wednesday, I'll share a few (meaning three or four) of my favorite nutritional podcast.

If anyone has suggestions on how to wan yourself of eating meat daily, I would love to hear them.

Until next time: Peace & blessings all & have a fantastic Tuesday!!!

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