Dec 5, 2019

Thoughtful Thursday

     Happy Thursday, all. It has been a week so far. I find out that I'm officially graduating tomorrow. I had been waiting for my teacher to put my grade in so that the incomplete would be removed of my transcript. Found out late Tuesday afternoon/evening that they had cleared me to graduate. I'm not going to walk though. Really just want my diploma after all the things that I've dealt with since May trying to graduate.

Just glad to be done. However, since I'm a "forever student" I do have to finish studying to get my CPT certification. I also, signed up to take a Reiki course. I've been interested in it for a while. I've had it done a few times & it did help. The person who usually does mine gave me a book about it, which I'm finally going to get to read. Anywho, here are some thoughts for today:

Peace & Blessings, all. Have a great day & keep positive energy, peeps!!!

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