Feb 25, 2021

Thoughtful Thursday


     And it's Thursday. Since last week, we dealt with all the snow & rain. At the moment it is 65 & sunny outside here. I'm ready for Spring to get here because the only thing I like about Winter is the clothing. Other than the weather, everything is still the same looking for jobs, well doing all these assesments for jobs I've applied for. I might actually post something tomorrow since I most definitely did not keep my being consistent goal for the month of February pertaining to writing. Anywho, here are some thoughts/quotes for today:

I'm going to try to post three to four times a week since I do have post done (more like 75% done) but I've been focusing on my employment situation more. Oh, & trying not to be on the computer or social media too much so I can try to keep my reading goals promise to myself. 

Until tomorrow, Peace & Blessings!!!

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