Jul 21, 2015

Dot and Bo

It's funny how with design as with fashion everything cycles back around. I would describe my style a mixture of a number of styles and periods.
A while back I discovered Dot & Bo on one of the many design and fashion newsletters that I get daily. They sell some mid century furniture along with accessories for different areas of the home. Right now they have a couple of pieces that I would love to get. Some of the pieces are a little pricey but its nice to look and get inspiration from those.
Here are some my favorite items:

Meryl Bracelet Display | dotandbo.com
Meryl Bracelet Display

Corta Bed in Midnight | dotandbo.com
Corta Bed in Midnight
Modern Classic Table | dotandbo.com
Modern Classic Table
McCoy Liquor Cabinet | dotandbo.com
McCoy Liquor Cabinet

Executive Whiskey Glasses - Set of 2
Executive Whiskey Glasses - Set of 2

Wood Panel Crates - Set of 3
Wood Panel Crates - Set of 3

I will probably try to make one or two of the items above. At some point before the summer ends, I am going to do a DIY project so, when I finish it (or decide which one I am going to make) I'll post it.

Are there any projects that anyone else is wanting to make before summer ends?


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