Jul 16, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday

This week I have spent most of it trying to catch up on sleep after only getting three hours on Sunday. I guess it was worth it since I did get to go to the  Luke Bryan concert Saturday night in Nashville for free. Yay for serving beer!!! Here are some inspirational quotes for this week from Pinterest:
Sometimes it seems that being kind is a weakness, because of all the cruelty in this world. But being kind its who you are and the people who love you, love you because you are you. Click on this image to see the biggest selection of life tips and positive quotes!
It’s so easy to believe someone when they’re telling you exactly what you want to hear. But you have to watch what they do too. Actions speak louder than words – actions speak the whole truth.
"In life you will realize that there is a purpose for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you and some will teach you. But most important are the ones thay bring our the best in you. Those are the ones worth keeping around." Grey's Anatomy quotes
Sometimes I want to ignore my intuition instead of facing the shitty reality.
20 quotes for challenging times
Everyone have a great Thursday!!!!

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