Oct 13, 2015

Game Day Floral arrangements

So, a weekend and a half ago my friend and I hosted a Game Day party at her house. I think it was the first time I can say that there was too much food in one place. One of the things that I did that was not food related was getting flowers. I love flowers and decided that I wanted to try my hand at making some arrangements. There was certain colors I wanted for the flowers so I ended up going to a floral wholesaler to go buy some.
Theses are some of the finished arrangements:

Now, the reason they are in Red solo cups is because I ended up giving some away and did not have vases.

They were originally in a shot glass and a dessert glass like these:

I ended up using some the dessert glasses (she had four of them), a shot glass, and some taster soup glasses she had.

The carnations were .49 each. If you are on a budget I would say to make sure to decided before you go how many you want for your arrangements. I knew that I wanted to do a few small ones so I guessed at how many flowers I needed.

It was a pretty good trail run for this being the first time I have ever attempted doing arrangements.
Does anyone have suggestion on what flowers I should use next time?

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