Oct 2, 2015

Liquor Drinks: Vodka

I have been super duper busy lately trying to not have a come-a-part over my two least favorite subjects ever (for those who have been reading , you know which two they are). At this point if I'm not at school or work, you can usually find me having a drink with friends or making drinks for friends. I don't want to sound like a lush or anything but I love a good drink. 

 When I do drink, if I'm not drinking champagne, I'm usually drinking vodka. I like vodka because it's a universal mixer (you can mix it with pretty much any mixer from my experience).

Since it is finally the weekend (YAY!!!!) here are some recipes for Vodka from Liquor.com and The Bar.com I'm going to try my hand at making:

Grey Goose Oaks Lily

Cîroc Peach Bellini
Ciroc Peach Bellini

Hanalei Sun

100 Proof Mini Wallbanger
100 Proof Wallbanger

Boot, Scoot & Boogie
Boot, Scoot, & Boogie


I know which ones I'm making this weekend and be on the lookout next week for pictures of the Georgia/Alabama party that I'm throwing with one of  my friends tomorrow. Everyone have a great weekend!!!!

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