Jul 6, 2016

Blueberry Lemonade Lincoln Club Cooler

Last week I post some drink recipes for the July 4th weekend. Today, I am going to share one of the drinks I made: the Lincoln Club Cooler. One of the main reasons I like this drink is because it is super easy to make.

I substituted the regular rum for the Blueberry Lemonade flavor (which I love using in the spring and summer). 

1 glass of ice
2 shoots Blueberry Lemonade Cruzan Rum (because I like me drinks a tad bit strong)
1 bottle Reed's Premium Ginger Brew
optional frozen Blueberries

Fill glass with ice.
Add frozen Blueberries in glass.
Add half the bottle of Ginger Brew in glass.
Pour the 2 shoots of rum into the glass. 
Top off with rest of Ginger Brew. Stir.

This time I tried using the Ginger Brew because one of the girls I know suggested I try it. And now I understand why. It has a stronger ginger taste which adds a little more flavor to it.

I am finally getting back into the swing of balancing everything (internship and the two jobs) out. So that means: more recipes in particular the black bean brownies I  have been trying to make forever. 
Yay to being able to cook/bake/doing mixology again.

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