Jul 29, 2016

Sorbet Champagne

I know this isn't a usual Friday post but with the weekend being here (YAY!!!) I wanted to share a drink recipe with y'all. Since finding this recipe, this has become my go-to drink for most of summer. I found it on Food & Wine magazine's website and changed it a bit. Mainly, I didn't add black pepper in the sorbet.

2 scoops of Berry Sangria sorbet
2 scoops of Pomegranate Acai & Blueberry sorbet
1 bottle of Champagne
Sidenote: I used Moet & Chandon but I tried it with Barefoot and some other brands. The main key is that it's champagne.

Put the 2 scoops of each sorbet in a martin glass.
Pour champagne over the sorbet.

Let the drink sit for a little to let the sorbet melt.
Drink and enjoy.

Oh, and if you do want to try to have a healthier drink out here is a table telling you which is the best to drink:
Helpful since I do like a good drink.:
Everyone have a great week!!!!

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