Dec 6, 2016

Fitness Tuesday

For some reason lately, I have been posting a lot of food recipes on Fitness Tuesday. It could be since it's colder out (it's in the 40s here) that I would rather eat soup (which is one of my favorite things to eat) than run in the rain. Now that I'm done with classes for the moment, I can do some of my favorite things: read, handlettering, cook, blog.

One of the things that I'm trying to do more of  now and continue into 2017 is cutting back on my meat consumption. My older sister has been Vegan for about 10 years and my brother-in-law has been a Vegetarian for longer. I have tried making recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas that don't involve any animals products when I know they are coming (my brother-in-law does eat butter and cheese sometimes). 

By now, you should know that I love Food and Wine magazine. It is one of my go-to magazines for new recipes (besides all the Southern Living cookbooks that I own) and for coming up with new ideas. Since, I'm trying to make more Vegan and Vegetarian recipes I searched to find some on their site. 

These are a few of the ones that I think I have to try making during this break before I start graduate school:

I would sub the coconut milk and oil in this due to my allergy to it.

Does anyone have any Vegan or Vegetarian recipes that they are dying to try to make during the holiday season? 

Peace and Blessing all...

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