Dec 28, 2016

Hot Cocoa on a Budget

 Happy hump day!!!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. After getting back from a quick road trip, I ended up spending the rest of Sunday until yesterday with the Flu. I still feel a little under the weather but I don't feel completely uhh anymore. 
One of the things that has helped my is drinking liquids. I have been drinking water (of courser) & tea quite a bit (its' my new thing these days). Other than that I'm obsessed with Ghirardelli hot cocoa mix.
I picked a large bag at the store a week or so ago. The large bag was about $5.50 and makes 10 cups of cocoa. I have tried the Triple Chocolate, which is super yummy. Thing I like about this is that you use milk instead of water, which makes it similar to homemade. This is great if you are in a crunch or sick like me. All you do add:
-1 cup warm milk (usually, I put mine in the microwave but you can do it on the stove as well)
-1 packet of mix or if you have the big bag 1 tbsp mix
-Stir well well.

 Below I did the mix. I added in homemade whipped cream and chopped Andes peppermint pieces.
Oh, and the mug is from Marshalls. I ended up buying two more in different colors. 

Peace & blessing, all. Have a great Wednesday. Try to stay healthy & not get sick, all.

This is my personal opinion of the products. I received not compensation for view.

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