Jul 15, 2019

Summer salads


     With it being summer, I love easy recipes that I can make that don't require a lot of cook time. A salad is a great way to incorporate vegetables and protein in meal, without all the heaviness of a traditional meal. Salad's are a go-to for lunch & dinner due to my busy schedule. Not having time to make a full dinner, many salad options are far better for you than anything processed in the grocery store or those from fast food restaurants.  Here are some of my favorite at the moment:

-Pesto Pasta with Tomatoes & Mozzarella

-Summer Chicken Salad

-Lemon-Orzo Veggie Salad 

I love getting recipes from online cooking magazines and sites. If you have an account, you can save them like a digital recipe box. In my case, I print them off since it is easier to have them on hand when I need them. These salads can be served as the main dish or as a side. If anyone has a salad the at they have tried, I would love to see it.

Until next time, Peace & Blessings all. Have a great Monday!!!

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