Jul 11, 2019

Thoughtful Thursday

     Happy summer all!!! I am a bit late saying that, like almost two weeks to be exact. I have had been having a writer's block so to speak. A lot of topics I want to talk and have post set up for but are incomplete. Part of it is that it is summer the other part is frustration about life and blogging in general. I have made a commitment to myself that I am going to try to manage my time better to write more again.

We all go through periods in life where we are indifferent about various situations. For the last two-three month, that is the period that I'm slowly moving out of. One way that I'm doing that is through my health. I have added in some vitamins and supplements after going to the doctor. In some future post I'm going to talk about vitamins & supplements, holistic treatments that I've done, along with other areas in the health & wellness field. Another way, being the main way is through my diet. For the moment, I'm probably going blog two to three days a week or until I get some other things I have to do finished. Until then, here are some thoughts for this Thursday:




Peace & blessing everyone. I hope you all have a great Thursday!!!!

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