Mar 10, 2020

Fitness Tuesday: Essence Wellness House

     Last week, I totally slacked & posted once. I was too busy trying to get ready to what I am talking about today. Last Saturday, I went to Atlanta with my former co-worker/podcast co-host/friend Whitney for Essence magazine's Essence Wellness House. Just to warn you, this is a bit picture heavy. This is a picture from right when we got to the event. 

 It was a day long event from 7:45 am-7:00 pm. With the ticket we bought you were able to go to one exercise class & two workshops. The exercise classes started at 7:45 but we did the class that was from 8:15 am to 9:15 am called AB Blast: Standing Sculpting Abs & Core with Dashaun Johnson better known as the Guru of Abs. Let's just say this: my whole body has just finally stopped hurting. It was not only an ab workout but a total body one at that. Afterwards we took a picture & got the email to get a free ab workout to do at home.

After that we ate breakfast which was Greek yogurt, fruit (blueberries & strawberries), honey or agave nectar, & granola. While we were waiting for them for the next event to start, we went to one of the vendor's that was there called The oil bar. It is a really cool premise: you pick a base (shea butter, aromatherapy spray, cocco butter, etc), then a scent of your choice. I ended up buying two of the candles that were made just for the Wellness House, some sea salt scrub, & a spray. They label it with the scent you picked so you can reorder it on their website if you want to. 

We also meet the owner Ernie, who we took a picture with. We talked to him about opening a location in Huntsville (he did say that he was looking in Birmingham). Afterwards, he did a talk called The Tea on CBD with Ernie Dennis that was moderated by Lifestyle Editor, Jasmine Grant. It have been using CBD for about a year & I did find out information that I did not already know. I am going to go more in depth about the oil bar & the CBD talk in another post. 

We did a quick manifestation moment after this workshop. It was positive affirmations to put in high vibration state to help us create what we wanted. We then had lunch next. It was a salad that you had the option of grilled chicken or grilled shrimp, a variety of topping with either ranch or a champagne vinaigrette dressing. I did the grilled chicken but for some reason everyone was about the shrimp so much that they ran out of six pans & had to make more.

The last workshop we went to was Top Tips for Relationship Wellness & Sustainability with Dr. Aaron Turpeau & Derrick Jaxn. I was interested in this one because I follow Derrick on You Tube. On his channel he gives short clips of dating & relationship advice. They both gave the male prospective on dating & relationships of all types. Going to do a post on this as well to go more into the topic but they did give some great gems for women to take with them in all relationships.

This was taken at the end before we left the event. I learned information that I did not know along with meeting some nice business owners. Overall, I would most definitely go to another Wellness House. I know the next one is July 4th to 5th in New Orleans. If you have a chance to go to one in your area, I suggest giving it a try. I will be posting about some of the take-aways from the House next week.

Peace & Blessings, all!! Have a great Tuesday!!

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