Mar 20, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday on a Friday

     So, this week has been a total bust. I had scheduled this for yesterday but the day go away from me. In my last post, I mentioned I was going to start doing something different. I made my own graphics partly to post today. I used  canva to design them for the moment. Actually, I pulled some bible verses about faith & one about trust to post today. I think in times like these, that is all we have. We need to have faith & trust in God, each other, & ourselves. This too shall pass like many other events that have happened. All you can do is look back & see how you handled, hoping for the best outcome for all.  Here are the thoughts for today:

The events of the last few weeks have felt changed all of our lives. I hope & pray that everyone takes this time to find clarity in their lives. Enjoy the things that you usually do not have time to, relax, & be thankful that we have the chance to experience life. Peace & blessings, all & have a great weekend!!!

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