Apr 21, 2020

PBJ & Banana Smoothie

     Its Tuesday... Last week, I decided to stop eating crap & get back to eating better again. So, at this point all the days are running together. I think we are all at the point where we are all cooked out. Meaning, I think this is the most some people have used their kitchen. Personally, I have been cooking, baking, & making smoothies since the beginning of March. Smoothies are great for so many reasons.

At the moment, it is handy for a quick meal replacement. It is also a great way to incorporate different foods into one place. For example, I sometimes put Ginger, Chia seed, or Turmeric in mine depending on the day. Not going to lie, sometimes it is also easy to just throw a bunch of fruit together & call it a day. Here is one of the smoothies that I have been making recently:

Today's post is going to be short. I hope everyone is staying healthy & learning some new skills. Peace & blessings, have a great day!!!

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