Jun 23, 2020

Fitness Tuesday: Reasons to try Therapy

     With all of the unrest in the world at the moment, many of us are at our breaking point physically & mentally. For some, talking to others help with vocalizing our stress, pain, & your current mood. Taking care of ones' mental health is impartive especially for POC. Seeking help for mental health is seen as a taboo in Black culture. There is a stigma associated with having a mental issue. Many try to deal with their issues on their own or ignore them. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, approximately 30% of African American adults with mental illness receive treatment each year, compared to the U.S. average of 43%.

Recently though, that stigma has change. With race issues boiling over (it has been a long time coming, if you want to know my opinion), black people deciding to start taking care of themselves, finally. Black women in particular, have always put others feelings & needs before our own. Now is the time to put our needs first for ourselves. I know that for me, talking to a therapist was a major breakthrough for me. Talking to a person who is unbaised, that is not a friend or family member helps you open up more. It is easier to share & get an outsiders opinion to help you with clarity on situations sometimes.

Below I am going to share some reasons to try therapy from Healthfully:

Helps with organizing your thoughts
Most of us need a sounding board that is not involved directly with whatever situation that is happening. Everyone should get feedback during stressful times. Finding that person who can give you constructive advice should help in making clarity to appear.

Healing from Past Pain

Therapist can help you address issues from your past. This can include problems,situations,
or moments from your childhood, relationships, and other life events. Therapy can help in getting rid of the negative thoughts.  help things in perspective, & give one a more positive outlook on life. It’s important to have a positive mindset to be able to enjoy life more freely without worrying.

Can Pin-Point Cause of Problems
Seeing a therapist can help you in seeing what's normal behavior & what isn't. Many who struggle with anxiety or anger don't examine what is causing the problem on their own. A therapist can aid in discovering what is causing ones' reaction to situations in their life.  Discussing what’s on one's mind with a therapist will help you process your thoughts better.

Getting Information from a Third-party

Whether one is having problems in their work or personal life, it's good to find information from someone not directly involved. Most of us don’t always have the answers when trying to communicate with others. Gaining insight on how to handle situations are key when one is trying to grow and heal.

Improves Overall Well-being
Seeing a therapist can be beneficial to your overall mental health. And that's good for your general well-being. Many face the stigma that going to therapy means that there is something wrong with them. People that go usually are healthier mentally since they are verbalizing their feeling.

For those of you that are looking for resources about mental health & wellness, here are a few website with some more information:

And I also want to put one of the podcast I listen to as well on here: Balanced Black Girl podcast.

Peace & blessings, have a great Tuesday!!!

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