Jun 4, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday

     I have not posted any this week because of all the unrest happening. It is emotionally draining to have to deal with as a black person. I know some people may think that sounds ridiculous. However, there are many black people who are feeling tired (mentally & physically) from this. If you are one of those who feel that way: take a break from social media. Read  a book, take a walk outside, do things that will help you take care of your mental health. 

Starting next week, I will be posting a mixture of my usual post on health & wellness (on Tuesday & Wednesday), post spotlighting black businesses/podcast/influencers that I like & why I like them plus some post pertaining to race issues I'm seeing on social media (in particular with IG, influencers, & the blogging culture as a whole). There are some people like Stephanie McNeal at Buzzfeed News, who are doing a great job at exposing some of these issues with IG & the influencer industry becoming pay-to-play (loop giveaways anyone) & lacking diversity (the recent article she wrote is here). These topics aren't for everyone but they aren't meant to be. I hope as a smaller blogger, that I can at least one or two people with my experiences & words. Until than, here are some quotes/thoughts for today:

Also, think that I'm going to start posting again on Fridays some. I will be starting next week though.Tomorrow is my birthday, but it is also the birthday of Breonna Taylor who was killed on March 13th by police in Louisville, KY who came into her home without warning. Others who share the birthday along with myself are feeling very sad & know that we will get to celebrate it while she will not. I will be honoring her memory by partaking in the activites that she enjoyed. I'm going to take tomorrow to reflect on my life, the world, & how I want to contribute to it. 37 was a rough year, I know that 38 is going to be a big one for me.

Peace & Blessings, all. Have a blessed day.

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