May 28, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday

     Good day, everyone. I can not believe that May is almost over. We literally only had one & half months of the "old normal"  then Covid-19 started. This was going to be your normal Thoughtful Thursday post but I have to put my two-sense in on something. All I have to say is this: that I am tired of people assuming that people of one race is worse than others. There are good & bad people in all races. I thought that Covid-19 would make people appreciate not just life but each other more. Sadly, that is not the case. 

As a Black female, I deserve the right to live my life just like women of every race. I should be able to go places without feeling as though I have to look over my shoulder every second of everyday. Most of us have enough problems in our lives than to have to worry about being killed for just being us. While I am on my soapbox, I find it highly annoying to see people, be outraged by what happened in Georgia & Minnesota but not care or talk that much about the EMT that got killed sleeping in her own apartment in Kentucky. Also,most people would not give to two craps about either if there were not video footage of the accidents (which people are trying to use to paint the victims as being sketchy, justifying the actions that lead to their deaths).

People that say that they do not receive special or different treatment based on their race are lying or just naive. As a woman, I that I am treated differently in some situations. Having an opinion on race issues is not just a black problem. Many minorities have dealt with some type of racism or even colorism at some point. People need to start speaking their truth instead of 1: Acting like it does not affect them. It affects all of us indirectly. 2: All of a sudden having all this outrage with these situation happening now. These things have always happened. Social Media has just made it more visible. I mean their are reason why there have been more people getting out of prison after being wrongfully convicted. People make their judgments off race, before they know facts. It is one of the many sad facts that some of us have to deal with daily.

Sorry, that was a crazy tangent I went on there. There is a whole more I have to say about people & their post about the situations going on but, I will keep those to myself (or keep them to myself until I go do the podcast). Back to what I was originally posting now. Here are some thoughts that I wanted to share with all of you today:

Peace & Blessings. Have a great weekend!!! I will be back for a start of a new week & month next week. Until then, be careful & stay safe, peeps.

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