Mar 13, 2012

Favorite Stores: Week 2

Week 2 favorite store is going American Apparel.  I have only been to one of their stores when I was in Charleston a couple of years ago but since then, I have bought a few dress and t-shirts from them. Here are a few of my favorite items they have right now.

Four of my friends have borrowed this dress and all four have tried to steal it. And the try is the key word here. That dress does something where it make everyone look good. My friends and I are all different sizes and heights but the dress looks good on all of us. Here are some more dresses that I have been wanting:



I also like their skirts, t-shirt, and accessories too.




I was trying post this sooner but thanks to blogger/the computer I am using, it has taken me 3 hours to post this.
Until next time.

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