Mar 4, 2012

New Beginnings

I have decided that since it is a new year that it is also a new beginning for my blogging. With that said, I am going to stay true to myself here and not try to be one of the "Cool Kids". Starting this new decision in my "Blog Life" (I like quotation marks, if you have not noticed) is this post. Last Sunday was the Oscars, which I missed but this is fitting with the season (actually a tad bit late, but better late then never). I am going to talk about some of my favorite movies.
I am kinda the anti-girl in a sense:never seen The Notebook (by my own choosing), saw Titanic for the first time almost 10 years after it came out. For some reason, I have never been into the love story, happy ever after movies. However, there is one of my favorit movies that would be consider a "love story" just based purely on the name and some of the stories that are happening in it.

Before I go on an "Why I hate those unrealistic views of love and relationships movies" I am going to start the list:


This is a sign of when I grow up that this is my favorite movie. Literally, my favorite movie ever!!! Yes, its cheesy and some of the acting is so so but I love it. Wanted a white jeep wrangler as my first car after seeing that movie. Even have the soundtrack that I got when it came out in 95' and yes, I still listen to it. Wish I had a closet like Cher's even now.

2:The Godfather

Great storytelling, great acting, the kind of movies that once you start watching the first one you have to watch the rest to see what is going to happen. Spent almost five hours yesterday watching it on AMC (yes, I need to find something better to do with my Saturdays). And there is a small love story in there, but that does not end to good. If you have seen them you know exactly what I am talking about, if you have seen them you should watch them along with Godfellas (on the list) and The Untouchables.

3:Animal House

Have seen this movie more times that I can count. Can even quote lines from it. Still laugh every time I see it. I appreciate because it is the original college comedy. There would be a whole genre gone if this movie was not made (no Old School, Road Trip, Going Greek which I think I am the only person who has seen that movie besides my friend's I forced to watch it).

I like mob movies, if you have not noticed yet. Goodfellas is one those you can clearly tell was made closer to when they started using more blood and violence in the last eighties. Lots of people getting shot, things being set on fire/blown up. Crazy thinking about the fact that movie is based on a true story.

5:Love Actually

I DO NOT like movies that are centered around love but I love this movie. Maybe it is because it is a realistic look at love where everyone does not end up with someone or it could be the small crushes I have on Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. It's a good movie with good story telling and it gives you hope that your love life will workout even if it is a mess sometimes.

There are a whole lot more including Caddyshack and Sixteen Candles but those are the 5 movies that when they come on television I still watch them even though I know what is coming. I like comedies and drama but we all have out preferences. Next movie list is going to be about my favorite documentaries because I am that girl.

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