Mar 21, 2012

It's purse time!!!

     Since it is a new season (learned this the hard way yesterday when I broke out in have and a heat rash but my spring/summer allergies are a story for another time) it is time for a change. I clearly need to find something to do with my time beside "shopping" online but I am really in need of a new purse/handbag whichever one you decide to call it. I personally like Dooney & Bourke even though people I know who shall remain nameless do not. There are a bunch of super cute, springy purses on there now. I especially love the stripe ones:
Large Slim Wristlet  Tassel Tote  Small Handle DrawstringMini Barrel

     I am totally liking the 3 Tone North/South Triple Zip. I think that would be a good game day purse so you are not carrying around everything under the moon around with you.
The orange/blue/and white one makes me think about Auburn from reason. I am not really into the logo on the purses but I do like the their leather handbags though since you can carry one of those year-round.

Medium U Crossbody  ALT1SatchelMedium Drawstring
I like the variety of colors and styles and personally, I like their purses as long as they do not have any of the random designs on them or the crazy DB logos. Laters.....

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