Feb 29, 2016

Clarins Multi-Active Day and Night cream review

A few weeks ago, I received this five day starter kit froClarins of their Multi-Active Day and Night creams from Influenster.
I used the Day Broad Spectrum in the morning after directly after I washed my face and put on my eye cream/ before put on foundation and concealer. I then used the  Multi-Active night moisturizer  used after I washed my face and put my eye cream on.
Actually, I used only half of each packet they sent me so it lasted ten days instead of five. There were definitely pros and cons to both of the creams.
                 Multi-Active Day Broad Spectrum SPF 20                                                        Multi-Active Night                                                          
What I liked
-using a smaller amount of  the moisturizer helped it go smooth
- moisturizer was lighter when using less
-did not leave a residue

What I disliked
-if the whole package was used, the cream was heavy
-a tad bit on the greasy side 
-had a strong smell

 A small amount definitely goes a long way. I would suggest using about a dime size of each one. If you use too much your face will look super oily.
Overall I would recommend this especially, if you have dry skin during the winter months like myself.

I was sent these products for reviewing purposes. These are my own opinions of the product.

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