Feb 8, 2016

Winter Beauty Finds

This winter, I have tried more beauty and skin care products than I usually would. I think its because of the crazy weather,which is making my skin go crazy/freak out on me a little. Between it being 72 one day and 32 the next I can definitely say that the weather is having an identity crisis. Here are some of the new products that I have found and have started putting into my regular routine:

This is a great lip balm for when you plan on being out and about. I usually wear this when I am out running downtown and sometimes for everyday use when it is sunny out.

Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer
I use this concealer along with what I have left of my Nars concealer. They work great together because they are almost the exact same color. The best part is this is only $14 compared to the Nars one at $29.
Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Gel
This has really helped with puffiness dark circles under my eyes. It is extremely light weight and not greasy like some others I have tried. I started using this in place of my gel that came with my Opal. A little goes a long way with this cream.

Usually after a night out with my friends, I use this scrub. It says to use two-three times a week but, in my case I use it once a due to my combination skin.

My friend gave me this about a month ago and I absolutely love it. I use this after I put on my liquid foundation/concealer to set it before I use the Rosewater below. From what I have seen, it does help keep my make-up on longer then normal.

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb, and Rosewater
I bought this in both sizes they make from Ulta. It is great as a sitting spray after you apply all of your make-up (except mascara and eyeliner). It tends to give your face a hydrated look after. Their website has it for $12 but if you are looking to save some money, I would suggest getting it at Ulta. They have the large for $7 and small for $5. Just make sure not to spray too much.

That is just some of the products that I bought over the last month or so. Does anyone else go product crazy when the seasons change and try new items???

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