Feb 3, 2016

Chili's Bold Skillet Sauces

When I am grocery shopping I am always down for trying something new and different. About a month or so ago, I saw these Chili's Skillet Sauces
They looked like they could taste good so I bought two of the pouches which were:

I decided to make the Citrus Mango one first. The directions were easy to follow. All do is:
-Cut the chicken up in cube or wide strips (I did strips).
-Brown the chicken in a skillet, place cooked pieces to the side on a plate.
-Once all pieces are cooked, add sauce and cook for 2-3 minutes.
-Add salt and pepper and stir. 
-Place sauce on top of wild rice.

 Here is how mine turned out.

I ended it placing my chicken on top of some wild and long rice. The sauce can be used for tacos, fajitas, or even alone with just the chicken. Overall, once I added the pepper and salt it made it taste better. I do have to say that the flavor of the rice and sauce were really good. I would recommend eating this over rice instead of by itself. The sauce is a little sweet with just it and the chicken.

This is my own personal opinion of the product. 

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